Visibility is an important Game mechanic. Cards have two states of Visibility to Players:

Visibility is sticky; a Card stays Hidden or Shown until a Visibility Ability changes it.

Common ways a Card changes Visibility are:

A Unit has +1 Advantage while Hidden. Squad bonuses and effects apply independent of Visibility, as do all Abilities by default. However, some properties like Ambusher only apply while Hidden. Other abilities allow Hidden Cards to be Swapped (and not appear in the Combat Log). See Visibility Abilities for more details.

There is a visual indicator when a card is Hidden from other players (say, an eye icon). When this icon is omitted, the card is Shown.

While Hidden, the visual squad indicator (a hatched outline) is truncated only to Shown cards. It may still be possible for your opponent to infer information about Hidden cards; for example, if two Shown cards in a row have the squad indicator the third must be the same Role or Weapon.


Official Rules
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Dynamic Card Attributes
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