This is where we put behind the scenes design elements for verses, assuming there is some reason not to have it all be public.

Alternate ‘VersesEdit

Waiting in the wings are some ideas I haven't fleshed out. I think these are weaker ideas, but I thought I'd throw them out there just in case. :

  • Chinurea: shaolin monks helped the Quing emperor stay in power; cyberpunk and information-age
  • Arabia: high math and flying carpets
  • Iberoma: Napolean never tried to invade Russia, so he succeeded in keeping most of europe and founding an dynasty. Psycho engineering ala Foundation by meglomaniacal cultural elites
  • Bolivinca: the naztecs really did have space travel and the immortal incas learned their secrets
  • Dinosaur / reptile 'Verse. These are the Brutes from Gameplay design
  • Underwater / Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea homage. Intelligent aquatic race. Dolphins?
  • Atlantis never sank?
  • Roman Empire never fell?
  • Zombies?
  • Nazis. Come on. Everyone wants a 'Verse where the Nazis won.  ;-)

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