Tutorial Mission Sequence Edit

  • Zones Part I
  • Actions
  • The grid, placing, removing
  • Tapping
  • Basic attack
  • Mission Objectives & XP
  • Terrain, home, attack modification
  • Zones Part II
  • Revealing & Ambush
  • Squads
  • Officers & Match Any
  • Ranks
  • Platoons, deck building
  • Power (Card and Deck)
  • Obstacles and Features
  • Maneuver unlocking
  • Maneuvers
  • Then each of the maneuver categories (damage, healing, revealing, movement, etc.)
  • Using the WishBot (premium shop)

We'd like the recruit cards to still be able to fairly compete in later game play. So each one should have 2-3 maneuvers. However, at 0 xp they may have no maneuvers, and then maneuvers on the card unlock in order as they gain expertise. A 100 xp expert card has all maneuvers available. If we time it right, then we can have several cards have maneuvers unlock at the same time for the maneuver tutorials. We also want to have most of the recruit maneuvers unlock right near the end of the tutorial campaign, with some juicy ones to work toward afterwards to incent further play.

Recruits have a generic strategic maneuver theme, but a heavy training theme. Campaigns should be things like Basic Training, Combat School, Officer Academy. Card opponents should start off simple like “Training Dummy” and then work their way to “Blue Team Commando”, making it clear it isn’t real combat. Wargames, exercises, training maneuvers, etc. Perhaps to shake things up at the end we could give them a real surprise combat that would segueway into the first 'verse campaign.