The basic resource of the game is measured in card taps and is represented by T. In general:

 T = 1 Card Tap = 1 Damage ~ 1 Life

Two other key resources are Actions and Cards:

 A = 1 Turn Action ~ 2T
 C = 1 Card Chuted ~ 4T

Game effects are rated in terms of their equivalent T.

Effect CombinatoricsEdit

Every effect has three different costs:

  • Self - The cost to perform this effect on your self
  • Ally - The cost to perform this effect beneficially on an ally
  • Enemy - The cost to perform this effect offensively on an enemy

Effect costs can also be adjusted depending on valid target. Basic costs are listed for unrestricted targets. The more limitations placed on a target (only Infantry, only this card, etc.) the more one can discount the effect cost.

Zoning CostsEdit

One way to view collectible card games is to reduce them to movement of cards between zones. Here's the basic card movement costs:

Movement From -> To Self Ally Enemy
Draw HQ -> Base 1T 1T 1T

More effect costs can be viewed on the Maneuver Design page.

Resource FavorabilityEdit

Another way to view CCGs is in terms of Resource Gain and Resource Loss.

TTD Expand with cycles

Objective AccomplishmentEdit

Yet another way to view CCGs is in terms of Objective Accomplishment.

TTD Match objectives to minigames. Perhaps move this to Card Design?

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