Line Pirates Sgt Seagram Intro Voice Recording

Line Pirates Sgt Seagram Intro Voice Recording

My name is Ryan Seagram, and I’m a sergeant in the MultiVersal Corps. Sure, we’ve all heard of the Multiverse before, parallel earths that diverge from our own at critical Butterfly Events. We’re all taught that only a handful of earths have ever achieved the capability to Timeslide between alternate realities, ours being one of them. The rest are Amber 'Verses: universes unable to change their own history, stuck like flies trapped in amber.

What you aren’t told in school is that many 'Slider 'Verses are just bad eggs. The worst are the Timeline Pirates deliberately changing Butterfly Events in neighboring realities and then plundering them dry. Then there are Merc 'Verses, offering themselves up to the highest bidder so they can engage in wanton destruction. Council 'Verses try to remain impartial, but that's a pipe dream when you can change the very fabric of history. An Ally today could be an enemy tomorrow, and our own timeline needs constant defense.

'Line Pirates threaten our very existence every day, and the MVC is the only thing standing in their way.

Enlist today. Reality Needs YOU.

Bird's Eye ViewEdit

'Line Pirates is a Stimulating Strategy Game that you can play with your friends on Facebook. It's a fusion of the best of several genres:

  • Great strategy and replay value from Collectible Card Games (CCG)
  • Gripping storyline and evolving characters from Role-Playing Games (RPG)
  • Cooperative teams and scripted boss fights from Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO)
  • Real competition and fast PvP from Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

Like a Collectible Card GameEdit

Like typical CCGs, players collect Cards and build them into Decks, organized into military Command Groups like Platoons and Companies. Units can execute Maneuvers, which are special Abilities they can do either by themselves or by Tapping other Ally Units. Players can play against the computer (PvE or TvE Missions) or compete with other players (PvP or TvT Competitions).

Cooperative games have a variety of Mission Objectives, and winning is a matter of fulfilling your objectives and/or keeping your opponent(s) from achieving theirs.

With new Grid-based StrategyEdit

Unlike most CCGs, Cards are played onto Spots on a grid and geometry affects play. When Units with matching Attributes line up they form Squads, which are more powerful than the individual units. Breaking up Foe Squads while trying to retain your Own is one of the core successful strategies of the game.

A strong Role-Playing Game StorylineEdit

Both Players and their Cards can level, so over time you and your decks become more powerful. There are complex Storylines and an imaginative setting that players can interact with and contribute to over time. In particular, players can create PvE missions and Campaigns that other Players can play!

Cooperative play from Massive Multiplayer OnlineEdit

Like MMOs, players can group into cooperative Teams to tackle harder content. Each Campaign ends with a Finale Event, basically the equivalent of a boss fight. Every Mission you complete gives you a Card and helps them level. Each Event you complete gives you a Component that you can craft into a rarer, more powerful Card.

Competitive play from Real-Time StrategyEdit

'Line Pirates uses Real-Time Turns, where all Players take their turn at the same time! Every turn each player can take one Action: like Attacking or using Card Abilities. Our games are much faster and larger than comparable card games.

We have Tournament and special Events with rare Prizes. There are many PvP Formats, strong prestige factors, and sports-like competition. We have also created new Team vs. Team (TvT) Formats like Duo NxN, where players on the same team can swap cards while they are playing concurrently!

Aimed at the Occasional Social GamerEdit

Gameplay is well suited to occasional modular play for 15 minutes at a time, and has a long slow learning curve coupled with intriguing plots. It is tailored to the casual social gamer that wants to have fun playing online with friends, but doesn't have a large amount of time to play at any one sitting.

But Built for Serious CompetitionEdit

The strategic complexity is deep enough to challenge intelligent, hard-core gamers. We have a unique UpClose Matchmaking system that compares both Deck Power and Player Rating to ensure you always have the right opponent. You'll always have close, challenging games where your skill makes the difference: never clobbered by an expensive deck, nor wasting time with a clueless noob.

Getting Started Edit

TTD Creating an account = Connecting your Facebook account

TTD The Home Screen. Create an explosion explanation visual.

The tutorial campaign missions are an excellent way to get started learning the game.

TTD Link to them and give a brief overview here.

Where to From Here Edit

Where you head from here depends on who you are and what your interests are. Everyone probably wants to read:

If you are a casual or cooperative player, here are some pages you'll likely be interested in:

  • PvE Gameplay - The main home for PvE players. Intended for the single player
  • Campaigns - All the campaigns, their missions, walkthroughs, and other cool stuff
  • TvE Gameplay - The main home for TvE players, with cooperative formats

If you are a serious or competitive player, here's some resources you might be interested in:

Non-players also use this wiki, and we've also tried to organize information for their convenience, too. Here are some major home pages tailored to different people:

No matter who you are, there are ways you can help us out:

Thanks! We hope you enjoy 'Line Pirates as much as we enjoyed creating it! :-)


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