Spots and SitesEdit

For Missions, Sites including Obstacles are fixed. Sites may occur anywhere, in Base or on Field.

For Competitions, Sites including Obstacles are placed according to the Random / Fair flag on the Format. When random, Sites and Obstacles are per Spot completely random. When Fair, they are balanced among all Player Bases. The default is Fair Field, with Sites only in Field Spots.

All Players get to see the Sites and Spots before placing any Cards.

Initial HandEdit


Every Player has a Billet that specifies how many Cards they may hold in their Base. Billet starts at 4 for all Players, and may never be lower than 2 nor exceed 6:

2 <= Billet = 4 <= 6

Billet is applied during the Quarter Effect, which frequently happens because of the Prep Base Action.

Initial Hand Size (IHS)Edit

Your Initial Hand Size is usually 6 in a standard game, or just enough to completely fill your Base.

The Initial Hand must be all Enlisted Cards; any Officers drawn are put back into the HQ and reshuffled.


In some game formats, you can pick out the cards to use for the initial hand, rather than draw a random assortment of cards from your deck, effectively "stacking your deck". We call these cards the Vanguard.

The first N Vanguard cards are reserved, and the rest added to the main deck. The main deck is shuffled, and the N Vanguard cards are placed on top in the original order. IHS cards are drawn. Then the main deck (possibly with any remaining Vanguard cards) is shuffled again. The resulting deck becomes the HQ for the game, and then Vanguard no longer matters.

Most games are Vanguard 2. More difficult missions may allow 4 or 6. Vanguard larger than your IHS completely determines your starting hand. Vanguard 9 is the maximum specification. For convenience, Vanguard also specifies the initial placement of Units in the Base.

Once Initial Hands are dealt and cards put into the Base, then the first Turn is taken. This is the only time a player gets to arrange more than one Card at a time.


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