Retrieve N means for one TARGET PLAYER to move exactly N Cards from their Limbo (the Origin Zone) to their Base (the Destination Zone). Refer to Zones.

The Effect Syntax is:

PLAYER Retrieve N, They Select Cards

"Retrieve" by itself means:

YOU Retrieve 1, You Select Cards

Cards are moved one at a time from the Limbo zone to the Base zone, until N cards have been moved. If at any time insufficient cards exist in the Limbo zone, then this movement effect ends. A Movement Effect always Resolves, even if the Limbo zone is Empty to begin with.

Before a Card moves from the Limbo zone, Leave Zone Triggers happen. These effects may replace the Destination Zone.

After a Card moves into the Base zone, Enter Zone Triggers happen. These effects may further Move the card.

See also Movement. When the Destination Zone is the Base or Field, an Effect may also include Placement.