Resolution determines what order multiple effects go in. There are two broad kinds of effects:


Effects are placed into a Queue and then resolved from the front of the queue to the back.

Rules of PrecedenceEdit

The initial placement of the effects into the queue are determined as follows.

  • Actions are grouped by Action Order, irrespective of player.

This may be sufficient to uniquely resolve the order, if every player chose a different action. For players who choose the same action:

  • If Attack or Activate used by one player on another player, the defending player's effects are placed first in the same group.
  • If this is insufficient to resolve the order, players go in order of their Player Numbers, lowest first in the same group.
  • Multiple Effects by the same player in the same group are put into the Queue FIFO.

Effect ResolutionEdit

Once effects are in the queue, then each effect is then applied in order. This is done in three steps:

  1. Any Interrupts are placed in the queue before the Effect. This may cascade.
  2. The Effect is resolved.
  3. Any Reactions are placed in the queue after the Effect. This may cascade.

The queue is processed this way until all effects have been resolved.

Note that all Effects placed in the queue will resolve unless they are specifically negated by an earlier Effect. More specifically,

  • An Effect resolves even if its SOURCE has been removed at the time of resolution
  • If there are insufficient TARGETS, then the Effect applies to as many valid targets as possible that remain

This is a significant departure from normal turn-based games, and reflects the simultaneous nature of Real-Time Turns.


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