Every Player has a Billet that specifies how many Cards they may hold in their Base. Billet starts at 4 for all Players, and may never be lower than 2 nor exceed 6:

2 <= Billet = 4 <= 6

Billet is applied during the Quarter Effect, which frequently happens because of the Prep Base Action.

Quarter makes the number of Cards in the Base equal to the PLAYER Billet (or come as close as possible).

If the current Cards in Base exceed the Billet, the excess are discarded to Limbo. The TARGET Player selects which Cards are discarded. The cards are discarded one at a time, and Zone Triggers apply. The process continues until the current cards in Base is less than or equal to the Billet.

If the current Cards in Base are less than the Billet, Cards are Drawn one at a time from HQ until

  • the number of cards in Base meets or exceeds the Billet, OR
  • the HQ runs out of cards
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