Here are some ways that you can help participate.

Kickstarter Edit

Our Kickstarter Campaign runs from Friday July 20th, 2012 to Saturday August 18th, 2012.

Please back our Kickstarter Project!

Public Support Edit

Word of mouth is always the best way to help out. Here are some ways you can publically support us:

  • Like us on Facebook. It's simple and easy yet lets others know you're a fan.

  • Introduce us to your reporter friends. Getting articles written about us helps us reach new people
  • Tell your gamer friends. We all have gamer friends that would love to know about a new cool game like 'Line Pirates.
  • Blog about 'Line Pirates. Give your opinion about the game and tell how much you're anticipating it. If you don't have a blog, mentioning us on Facebook below is equally useful.
  • Link to this Wiki. This helps other people find us and gets higher rankings in search engines.

Employee Networking Edit

If you have a friend that's interested in great games, is looking for work, and has one of these skills, connect us!

  • Developer. We need two more solid developers. Experience in Adobe Flash and Facebook games is ideal.
  • Illustrators. We want top notch illustrators that produce comic-like art (sketches with inks). We have more than enough work for 3-5 full time illustrators, and will likely need to contract out more.
  • Audio. We'd like to have cool sound effects and a killer soundtrack. Any bands that are interested will get prominent airtime and recognition.
  • Voice Acting. Our Campaigns tell stories and Mission Briefings are done in voice as well as text. Aspiring actors would be great for this.
  • Animation. We fondly hope a professional animator will help us create nifty ability effects in game. This is on our wish list, which we can only do if we get sufficient funds.

Partner Networking Edit

Our business plan is to partner with other content creators and create unique 'Verses in our game using their characters.

So if you follow an artistic person whose characters and story you love, suggest partnering to them! It's a win-win all around:

  • they increase their audience
  • we get high quality proven content
  • and you the fan get to see your favorite characters in a new venue kicking butt! :-)

Communication Edit

Things that are generally useful to us are:

  • Feedback. We need to know what players like and what they want next
  • Participation. Join the discussion on our Facebook page
  • Writing. This *is* a Wiki after all, and any help provided in making the Wiki pages spiffier and better organized is much appreciated

Thanks a bunch for all your help!

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