Every Game has 2-6 Players which may be either Human or Computer controlled. At least one player in each game must be Human; up to all remaining players may be Computer controlled.

The Game is the basic chunk of card play.


Outside a Game, Players may organize themselves into a Team. A Team has a Roster of official Players. Any game played by the Team may only include Players from their Roster. A Roster cannot be empty, but may have only one Player.

The Founding Player chooses a Team Name for their Team. This Team Name must be globally unique. When Players play ad hoc in Team Formats, their Team Name is

  • "Greek Letter Team" - e.g. Alpha Team, Beta Team, etc.

Every Side in a Game consists of one or more Teams. In Competition Formats, every Side has exactly one Team. All Players on the same Team must be on the same Side, thus we say a Team is on a Side. Refer to Formats.

Teams may be organized into Leagues. A Team has a Standing in their League. At the end of a Season, Players on a Team receive prizes depending on the Standing of their Team. The Standing is reset at the start of each Season.

A Player may belong to at most one Team Roster in any given League. A player may participate in multiple Leagues, but only one Team in each. Players may be traded between Teams in the same League, as long as they belong to only one Team at a time.

Team and League play is optional, though the prize rewards will hopefully incent people to play.

Player NumberEdit

Each player within an Event has a unique number called their Player Number. This number starts at 1 and goes to P, the number of players in the Event. This may be assigned at random, or by internal Player ID for subscription customers. Refer to Formats.

There is a special player named AI with Player Number 0. AI is used to make random Selections. AI is a coding convenience, and does not participate in the game. The keyword "AI" appears on some Effects.

The Player Number is the last ditch way to determine Effect Resolution.

Element OwnershipEdit

Every Player Owns game Elements, and all Elements are Owned by one or more Players. Elements include:

  • Their Cards. Every Card is Owned by exactly one Player.
  • Their play Zones, which Cards exist in.
    • In PvX Format Types, most Zones are Owned by exactly one Player. The notable exception is the Field, which is co-Owned by All Players
    • In TvX Format Types, most Zones are Owned by exactly one Player or one Team. When an Element is Owned by a Team, every Player on the same Team has joint ownership.
  • Sites may be Owned by Cards, in which case ownership is transitive.
  • Effects are also Owned. The Player who Owns the SOURCE of an Effect is said to Own the Effect.

Certain rare Effects will allow other Players to Activate an Ability on a Card another Player Owns. This does not alter ownership.


Any player may be targeted. When an Effect selects a TARGET PLAYER, it may be modified by one of several clauses:

Clauses combine in the natural way, e.g. Foe Team would mean all the players on one opposing Team.

Effects normally have default clauses for player targets implied.

See also TARGET and PLAYER.


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