Kim E Lumbard Edit

Here's what Kim is looking for from this project, ranked [1-10] order of importance:

  • [9] Learning about flash and/or mobile platforms - This is specifically so that I can [10] implement my flagship application (Kim's RPG) properly. My subsequent interest in pursuing games depends largely on what happens with Kim's RPG. My best guess atm is that I will be completely wrapped up in Kim's RPG for about five years.
  • [8] Satisfying creative urges and providing a constructive outlet for them
  • [7] Fun and games, humor, and good social interaction
  • [5] Networking with people, preferably in the gaming field
  • [3] A modest cottage income

Catherine Burkholder Edit

Kim believes what Cathy is looking for is:

  • [10] Exploring viability of game design as a career
  • [8] A creative outlet with productive follow through
  • [7] A modest cottage income
  • [7] An accurate assessment of earning potential / actual income as a measure
  • [6] An excuse to hang out with Kim and do something fun ;-)

William Kiszka Edit

Kim believes what Bill is looking for is:

  • [9] Something to help him transition into games / entertainment, a good resume item
  • [7] Experience working and coding with Kim
  • [1] Any income

Jared Maepa Edit

Kim believes what Jared is looking for is:

  • [10] Any exposure to game design, Flash games in particular
  • [7] Help with employment opportunities

Jack Chaiyakhom Edit

Cathy believes what Jack is looking for is:

  • [9] Exposure to game design methodology, in particular balancing approaches
  • [7] Wisdom about architecture, both code and game