Names follow a general convention of {Prefixes} BaseName {Suffixes}, e.g.

  • FullName = [Player Name's] [Ldr | Cdr | Hero] BaseName [Vanguard | Reserves]

and BaseNames are themselves often compound. Common examples include:

  • Rank Name for Infantry, e.g. Sgt. Seagram, Capt. Jacobs
  • By Role, e.g. Missionary Scout, Medic Lt. Hines
  • By Function, e.g. Tank Destroyers

The BaseName of a card is unique; no two cards may have the same BaseName. The FullName of a card appears in the mouseover enlargement of a card, and the BaseName in the thumbnail version (if it can be managed).

Player collections are subject to a no-duplicate rule: they cannot own two cards with the same FullName. However, player creation of cards circumvents this rule, since Kim's Elite Sniper is different than Cathy's Elite Sniper, even though they might have exactly the same attributes.


Intrinsic Card Attributes
Rank Attribute ArrowMiniBlueLeft Name Attribute ArrowMiniBlueRight Echelon Attribute
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