Before Kickstarter ProjectEdit

Before AlphaEdit

  • one set done (the recruit set)
  • Design mission creation tool
  • Make the tutorial campaigns with the mission creation tool
  • 60 terrain cards
  • 40-60 unit and effect cards, for the set
  • Login server setup
  • Login and player profile
  • Tracking server setup
  • Game tracking
  • Overall game specification, screens, flow
  • Make mission play AI that cheats, good enough for Recruit missions
  • basic PvP play mode(s)

We'd start with one card (The Player Card) and then have missions where we complete the entire Recruit set. See Tutorial Mission Ideas section.

Before BetaEdit

  • Game replay
  • Starter Set done (25 cards)
  • Team play PvP mode(s)
  • Cooperative play PvE mode(s)
  • Make PvE quality AI that can adapt (first pass)

We'd then have to create 'verse set(s) and the missions that go along with them. Each set is around 40-60 cards. I think it's not unreasonable to split them into 6 groups of 9ish, where each campaign you gain mainly a type or home of card. Essentially, we want people to be able to form a new platoon at the end of each campaign. Each campaign should also have a story arc, maybe even a central character. Missions in a campaign should also be similar but slightly increasing power levels, so you can play through a whole campaign in one sitting. That means players will tend to play through the campaigns in order of increasing power, so we could also loosely tie together the whole 'verse into a larger story arc.

In the beta, we should be focusing on core game stability, smoothness, and data collection. We can then adjust cards, retool the game, etc. before release. Another major goal before release is testing the premium shop.

We only need one 'verse set and campaigns to start the beta, but we should be near 9 sets to release.

Before ReleaseEdit

  • Make PvP quality AI that can adapt (best pass).

After ReleaseEdit

  • Tournaments / Ladder System. Qualifiers!
  • Cooperative PvE content
  • Player created content