Market positionEdit

We have a few direct competitors:

All of these games are very simple, too simple to capture more than passing interest. Strategy is limited; Warstorm doesn’t even allow you to select cards to play. However, they have 100K+ followings.

Two flagship competitors are

Both of these games are very deep, but only appeal to a small audience. There are professional tournaments of both with large cash prizes.

We want to strike a middle ground. A game complex enough that strategy matters, but simple enough that a large audience a) could pick it up easily and b) would enjoy playing. In particular, we want fun games that can be played in the 10-20 min timeframe.

Competitor AnalysisEdit

Things our Competitors Fumble the Ball OnEdit

  • Game complexity: either way too simple or way too hard
  • Deck management interfaces are cumbersome, leading to tedious micromanagement
  • Pricing: It’s too expensive to compete in most CCGs


  • Vague hype
  • Lack of differentiation, i.e. why you should care about *this* project
  • Unclear objectives or what they are trying to accomplish

Things our Competitors Nail Dead On Edit

Social networking is brilliant in Zynga games

  • Share with Friends
  • Free gifts to friends
  • Easy publish to Wall
  • Bonus for playing 5 of 7 days
  • Invite friends from other games
  • Neighbors to unlock rare cards

Graphics in many games is good. Game length is short, very easy to start games.


  • Explicit costing for investment money
  • Clear, easily stated objectives
  • A personable video. Many have low production value but are human and accessible
  • Blogs and up-to-date information. The appearance of progress and momentum
  • Community involvement

Lessons from Angry Birds Edit

  • simple yet engaging interaction concept
  • cleverly managed response time
  • short term memory management
  • mystery
  • how things sound (tightly tie it to user's mental model of what's going on - action syncing; vary audio just enough that peope listening in aren't anoyed)
  • how things look (hygiene factor - focus on 1st impressions and making things good enough)

Distinguishing Features/Value PropositionsEdit

  • Hybrid of CCG and RPG game design
  • play-for-free business model does not require ads or heavy investment
  • Online-first model means play streamlined for an online experience
  • Specifically aimed at the casual social gamer (instead of hardcore gamers), especially those on facebook, not necessarily with any ccg experience
  • Game optimized for 20 minute games
  • game elements (story arcs, deck development, etc.) growing richer over time. Aims at a new playing experience that has greater complexity than the typical popcam/zynga game, but doesn’t require the time commitment of a typical mmorpg game.
  • Spectator modes and statistics tracking to encourage sports competition / even lower investment fun