‘Line Pirates is the most Stimulating Strategy Game on Facebook, with a high-adventure, sci-fantastical military theme. Timeline Pirates are trying to change the course of history, with only the MultiVersal Corps standing in their way! We plan to Release August 2013, if we can get a sufficient Kickstart.


Behind the ScenesEdit


What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects. People pledge money (as little as $1!) in return for rewards. If our project reaches $374,484 by August 18, 2012, all backers’ credit cards are charged and they will get their rewards. If not, no one is charged and no one gets the rewards.

More than just a way to get funding, Kickstarter helps people like us build a community around their projects. The feedback, press, and love that can come with a Kickstarter project are just as valuable as the money raised.

Go to our Kickstarter page to learn more or to fund our project.







Our Pledge to YouEdit

We value people above the game, and ethics above money. We will and conduct ourselves honestly and openly. We will listen to anyone who has a interest in our game, and will do our best to treat their concerns seriously. We will develop a game that treats all people like people. We will do our best to nurture a community that welcomes all of our players.

If you think of a way for us to improve our transparency or your experience, please let us know by posting on Facebook or sending us an email to .

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