A Site is a Destructible Element Created and Attached to a Spot during play. There are four kinds of Sites:

Sites in a Vacant Spot without a Unit have no Effect. All Sites that Fill a Spot apply to the Unit that Occupies the same Spot. For simplicity, we call this Card the Occupying Unit.

Sites can never be TARGETS. Instead, the Spot the Site resides in is targeted, and then Sites are Selected.

Keep N means to Create a Keep Site of the Property Parameter in exactly N TARGET SPOTS. A Keep persists until Razed.

The Effect Syntax is:

[ Property ] Keep N SPOT

"Token" by itself means:

[ Property ] Keep 1 SPOT

Keeps are Permanent. Keeps are Owned by the ME Unit that Created them, and have a limit on their Total . Keeps of the same Kind cannot coexist in the same Spot, regardless of SOURCE; the most recent Effect replaces the earlier Keep. Keeps of different Kinds Stack.

An Obstacle Keep Occupies a Spot, preventing a Unit from using it; the Obstacle Keep may be Razed like any other.