This is the main area for employees of our game company to list their resources.

We believe in complete transparency, so every company document that can legally be listed is. This Behind the Scenes Wiki is our work area, so we please ask that non-employees do not modify these pages. Thanks!

Wikia Tasks Edit

  • Mark pages with Things To Do with TTD. Routinely search for TTD and take care of whatever needs to be done. Please Save this task item for future reference.
  • Make the initial wave of templates and categories as described in the stub pages. Templates can be just named copies of standard template for the moment; we just need to create the pages with the appropriate placeholders. Probably the biggest thing we want on templates are Categories and picture layout.

Venues Edit

  • Use Google Docs for spreadsheets.
  • Most documentation goes on this Wiki. When in doubt, put it on the Wiki
  • Announcements go on Facebook
  • Limit e-mail to action items or discussions
  • Basecamp is used for task and project management

Wikia Resources Edit

  • Dragon Age Wiki - A top notch wiki. This is what our wiki should eventually look like. Highly useable and looks nifty
  • Street Fighter Wiki - A barebones wiki. Notice the RHS News and Rotating Image viewer at the bottom
  • Mega Man Wiki - A simple wiki that shows off CSS. There's lots of visual stuff that can be done with the just default CSS classes

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