Element TermsEdit

There are two kinds of gameplay Elements:

with two mutually exclusive qualities:

There are six essential kinds of Elements:

  • Player - The agent that chooses among alternatives. Players are Permanent and Indestructible.
  • Card - The fundamental playing piece. Cards have Card Abilities and Attributes. Cards are Permanent and Indestructible.
  • Zone - The areas a Card may exist in. Zones are Permanent and Indestructible, or Transient and Destructible.
  • Spot - Each Spot belongs to exactly one Zone and have a geometric Adjacency relationship to each other. Spaces are Permanent and Indestructible.
  • Site - A buff or debuff that exists in a Spot. All Sites are Destructible. Keep and Sync Sites are Permanents while Camps and Traps are Transients.
  • Keyword - A word or phrase attached to another Element that is a shorthand for an Official Rule. Keywords are Permanent and Indestructible.

and three derived kinds of Elements

  • Copy - An Indestructible duplicate of a Card created during play. Copies follow the same rules as Cards.
  • Decoy - A Destructible duplicate of a Card that is destroyed whenever it would Move between Zones. Decoys otherwise follow the same rules as Cards.
  • Mirage - A Destructible duplicate of a Spot that is destroyed whenever it is Filled by a Site. Mirages otherwise follow the same rules as Spots.

Element RelationshipsEdit

Players Own all other Elements in a natural way.

Another relationship is Attachment. Elements Attach and Detach from other Elements, but we refer to and think of this relationship in a variety of ways.

A Card is Attached to exactly one Zone at any time. We think of this as the card "being" in a Zone and "moving" between them.

A Spot may have zero or one Card Attached. We think of this as a Spot being Vacant or Occupied.

A Site is Attached to exactly one Spot. We think of this as the Spot "containing" a Site.

A third kind of relationship is Adjacency, which only exists between Spots. We think of this as a physical 2D geometry.

Lastly, relationships may be formed on the fly according to Card Abilities.

Effects and ResolutionEdit

Every Turn each Player chooses exactly one Action. Every Action creates one or more Effects. What Effects a Player may create is determined by the other Elements.

All Players Actions are chosen simultaneously, but there is a proscribed order in which they execute called Resolution. When an Effect has executed, we say it has Resolved.

For brevity, Effects are summarized by Keyword and often refer to Keywords.

TARGET and SelectEdit

The word "target" is reserved. Any Effect that has the word "target" in it, either explicitly or implicitly, has a TARGET Clause.

Only three Types of Elements may be chosen as a TARGET:

Other game Elements must be Selected indirectly:

  • Zone - Referred to as "target PLAYER's Zone"
  • Site - Referred to as "Site in target SPOT"
  • Keyword - Referred to as "target CARD's Keyword"

The Official Rules elaborate further details about each Element and how they may interact.


Official Rules
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