Players should also have a service history just like cards, except more involved.

  • Avatar photo (draw from facebook, or give BB choices)
  • Rank
  • Short Flavor Text
  • Tournaments they've placed in
  • Stamp Medals / community contributions / investor
  • PvP ratings in various categories
  • Ladder rankings
  • Highest deck power played
  • Achievement History / Campaign History
  • Missions / Campaigns they've created
  • How many people have played / earned cards from them / some ranking system

Btw, we should maintain the same stats for the missions we create, too We should have achievements in the form of medals and ribbons for players. This would give us replay value on missions. Play once to get a card, play again to get an achievement.

Players should be able to see other players commendations. Specifically, we want them to be able to easily compare achievements and see which ones the other lacks (i.e. omit all those in common). We might also want to numerically rank commendations so that people can see how badass you are just by your commendation points.

Players should have ranks which reflect both their play time, how much moola they've spent, and what achievements they've earned. A five star general should be around 1,000 hours of play / $1,000 of payment / x10 all achievements. Easy to get 2nd Lt with consistent play, hard to get colonel, and very hard to get General of the Army.