Here are the Official Rules to playing the 'Line Pirates Game, where Players vie to Win. (Note that this is just one part of the 'Line Pirates Application, which has many more features than just the Game.)

  1. Objective - Outlines the Framework and numerous essential terms
  2. Elements - Outlines the playing pieces and how they are related
  3. Players - How many are allowed, teams, and valid target player clauses
  4. Formats - Different game variants, as well as how to arrange games in matches and events
  5. Cards - The fundamental play element, which has attributes and abilities
  6. Zones - Cards exist within exactly one space of one zone at any given moment
  7. Deck Building - What constitutes a legal deck, per format
  8. Spot - The geometry of the Base and Field zones, along with designators
  9. Formations - When a squad is formed, according to format
  10. Visibility - What elements can be seen, when and by whom
  11. Setting Up - Setting up the game grid, and dealing the initial hand
  12. Effects - Syntax and lexicon for fundamental game effects
  13. Order of Play - How simultaneous real time turns are taken, allowable actions, and clocks
  14. Resolution - What order multiple effects go in
  15. Site - Buffs and debuffs applied to Field Spots
  16. Attacks - Attacking is the most common action
  17. Visual Indicators - Ways to see what is going on in the game
  18. Glossary - A glossary of all reserved words


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