Movement is moving a Card from its current Origin Zone to a different Destination Zone. We say a Card Leaves the Destination Zone and Enters the Origin Zone; Triggers are often keyed to this.

When the Destination Zone is the Base or Field, Movement Effects may involve Placement. This requires the TARGET SPOT be Vacant to receive the Unit.

Movement Effects have an Owner Player and are applied to a TARGET PLAYER; these may be the same. The Cards to move are then selected by:

Refer to WHO and TARGET.

Standard Movement ChartsEdit

HQ OvalArrowRight Base


Withdraw Liquidate


Draft OvalArrowUp Dismiss Chuted Recall OvalArrowDown Deploy
Revive RedArrowUL
Limbo OvalArrowLeft Field

Green indicates the typical movement between zones (clockwise on the chart above).

Blue is opposite of typical movement between zones (counterclockwise on the chart above).

Red is a one-sink into the Chuted zone, which removes card from the game (toward the center on the chart above).

The corner zones also interact:

Marshal          Discard
HQ OvalArrowRight Field Base OvalArrowLeft Limbo
Retreat    Retrieve

Reinforcement Zoning ChartEdit

HQ Station Summon Base
Request OvalArrowUL OvalArrowUR Transfer
Gather OvalArrowDL RedArrowDownEradicate OvalArrowDR Mobilize
Limbo Muster Chuted Dispatch Field

Common Movement Terms Edit

We loosely use terms based on the Destination Zone:

  • Retreat”, “go to HQ”, and “move to HQ zone” are all similar.
  • Recall”, “go to Hand”, and “move to Base zone” are all similar.
  • Discard”, “go to Limbo”, and “move to Limbo zone” are all similar.
  • Remove”, “gets Chuted”, and “move to Chuted zone” are all similar.

Units that Leave the Field without a Destination Zone are typically are Discarded to Limbo. A Unit at 0 Life is Removed to Chuted.

Following are the Reserved Words for each pairwise movement between zones.

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