There are four kinds of Card Attributes:

  • Intrinsic - These attributes are conserved across all instances of the card and among all players.
  • Persistent - These attributes are changed after each game, and persist until the next.
  • Dynamic - These attributes are routinely modified during gameplay.
  • Descriptive - These attributes are informational and / or entertaining. They do not affect gameplay.
Attribute Example, [Values], or Explanation
Rank [ Enlisted, Leader, Commander, Hero ] or [<Blank>, Ldr, Cdr, Hero]
Name Volstok Paratroopers
Echelon [ Civilian, Militia, Recruit, Veteran, Elite ] A rough guage of card Power
'Verse [ Beginner, MVC, … {'Verse List} ]
Abilities 3 per card, each may include Drawback

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