Format TypesEdit

Play occurs in a specific Format. There are four Format Types:

Type Human Computer Description Game(s)
PvE 1 on one Side Rest Single player Campaigns with storyline 1 Mission
PvP 1 on each Side None Competitive Multiplayer, Ladders, Tournaments 3 per match
TvE 2 or more on one Team Rest Cooperative Multiplayer, Finales 1 Event
TvT 2 or more on each Team None Competitive Multiplayer, Sports, Leagues Odd #

Each Format Type has multiple Game Format that set several format variables. Refer to Play Format Design.

An odd number of Games may be part of a Match. The standard Match is best 2 out of 3 games, played sequentially. A Match ends when the winning condition is met; remaining Games need not be played. The same Player(s) must compete each Match on the same Teams.

1 or more Matches may be part of an Event.

We colloquially call XvE Formats Missions. We call PvP and TvT Competitions.


Players must submit a valid Deck at the beginning of an Event and use the same one throughout. Decks may include a sideboard called Reinforcements. Between Games, cards may be swapped from the Main Deck and Reinforcements as long as the resulting Deck is still valid. Thus, it is common to exchange an entire Platoon for simplicity.

Events may be split into Rounds where everyone plays a Match. The results of previous Rounds may determine the matchmaking in the next.

Events follows common event rules, like Swiss Rounds, Elimination, etc. Teams may field an odd number of Players between 3-13, though their team Rosters may be (and usually will be) much larger. In a complex Event, Teams may swap Players from the Active Team and their Roster, as long as the number of Team Players remains the same.

Events requires 0 or more Event Tickets which are purchased from The Exchange.

Participation in an Event grants 1 or more of Crafting Materials that can be used to create a Card or WishBot Item. The same Crafting Materials are shared among Missions and Competitions; thus, Players are never forced to play in a format they don't like.

Events include, but are not limited to:


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