There are four kinds of Card Attributes:

  • Intrinsic - These attributes are conserved across all instances of the card and among all players.
  • Persistent - These attributes are changed after each game, and persist until the next.
  • Dynamic - These attributes are routinely modified during gameplay.
  • Descriptive - These attributes are informational and / or entertaining. They do not affect gameplay.
Attribute Example, [Values], or Explanation
Creator The designer and / or sponsor of this card
Availability 100 Chits in The Exchange
Collectibility [ Collectible, Promotional, Regular ] Limited edition cards only available in select ways
Flavor Text Don’t laugh. It works.
Description Blurbs on background, world history, factoids, etc.
Set Starter
Index #3 of 25 (of the Set)
Story An installment of the Set story in order of the Index
Picture TTD Decide on standard pixels sizes, Cathy
Artist Altus Studios
Style Napoleonic Steampunk Fusion

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