An Ability is a special Element that can do Effects that change the Game State. It is usually Attached to other Elements like a Card. Abilities come in two broad Types, each with specific Kinds:

  • Activated Ability. These Abilities are chosen by the Player, usually via the Activate or Actions. They always require consuming Resources.
  • Passive Ability. These Abilities happen automatically, without Player intervention. They may change Resources, usually favorably. Mainly found on Cards and Created Elements.
    • Response. An Effect that happens once a Trigger is met. Responses are constructed by Trigger Clause + Effect.
    • Property. Found only on Unit cards. Usually a Keyword that applies whenever its Condition is met.

Not all Abilities are beneficial; some are Drawbacks.

Every Card has three Abilities that are Unlocked as they gain Expertise. A Card with multiple Activated Abilities unlocked may only choose one per Turn. Passive Abilities from the same Card may also apply; many Cards are designed that way.

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Maneuver TermsEdit

All Maneuvers must Tap ME, the SOURCE of the Ability.

  • Lone - Tap just ME.
  • Crew N - Requires more Prepped Units than just ME. Crew Maneuvers may have further constraints on the Crew composition, such as Weapon, Role, 'Verse, and Rank. Common ones include:
    • Squad (Sqd) - ME must be in a Squad, and all Squad members are Tapped. All Squad maneuvers have implicit Weapon or Role constraints.
    • Leader (Ldr) - Crew members must include at least one Leader or higher rank.
    • Commander (Cdr) - Crew members must include at least one Commander or higher rank.
    • Hero (Hero) - Crew members must include at least one Hero.

Collectively, Leader, Commander, and Hero Maneuvers are called Officer Maneuvers. All Officer Maneuvers have a 'Verse constraint, usually that several Units from the same 'Verse must be Tapped. Here are two common 'Verse constraints:

Ability LevelsEdit

Not all abilities are equally powerful. There is a rough scale of seven ability Levels, along with a guideline to what Level abilities can be on different cards as a function of Type, Echelon, Rank, and Grade. In the chart below "Rank Grade" is abbreviated, so an L2 is a Leader Grade 2.

Lvl Maneuver Effect/Property Happens Tap Dmg Civilian Militia
Veteran Elite
A1 - Single Trigger Once 0 2.5 E2 / L1 E1
A2 Lone Active Property per Tap 1 1.5 E3 / L2 E2 / L1 E1
A3 Squad Reactive Property per S Tap 3 3 L3 E3 / L2 / C1 E2 / L1 E1
A4 Crew Tribal Multiplier Per N Tap 2-4 2-4 H1 / L3 / C2 E3 / L2 / C1 E2 / L1
A5 Ldr Active Multi-Trigger Per L Tap 3 4 H2 / C3 H1 / L3 / C2 E3 / L2 / C1
A6 Cdr Reactive Multi-Trigger Per C Tap 4 5.5 H3 H2 / C3 H1 / L3 / C2
A7 Hero Crazy Bat Shit Per H Tap 5+ 7+ H3 H2 / H3 / C3

Ability SyntaxEdit

Abilities have a common syntax, which is usually

Ability = [ Pre-Condition(s) ] [ Keyword N | X Stat ] [ Clause(s) ]
  • [ Pre-Condition(s) ] are the requirements or resources needed to play the Ability. Some abilities can only be played under certain circumstances, and require specific conditions met. The most common resource for Maneuvers are Tapping Units:
  • Triggers are also placed in the Pre-Condition Column. Common variants include:
  • [ Keyword N | X Stat ] is the Effect summarized by Keyword.
    • N - A Variable usually denoting the number of TARGETS, repeat of an Effect, or Value of a Stat. N is always positive and follows a Keyword.
    • X - A Variable that usually modifies a numeric Stat. X is a non-zero integer that precedes a Keyword.
  • [ Clause(s) ] are further elaborations on the Ability, usually further specifying valid TARGETS.

An entire Ability can be passed as a Parameter to another Ability. This is often done to Create instantiated Elements like Sites. A Parameter can also be a part of an Ability, like an Effect or Variable, and is denoted:

See Effects for more Syntax.

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