A Site is a Destructible Element Created and Attached to a Spot during play. There are four kinds of Sites:

Sites in a Vacant Spot without a Unit have no Effect. All Sites that Fill a Spot apply to the Unit that Occupies the same Spot. For simplicity, we call this Card the Occupying Unit.

Sites can never be TARGETS. Instead, the Spot the Site resides in is targeted, and then Sites are Selected.

(X) Camp N means to Create a Camp Site of the Property Parameter in exactly N TARGET SPOTS. Each Camp has a Countdown that counts closer to zero each time it is used (whereupon the Camp Destroys itself). Camp Sites may also be Razed.

The Effect Syntax is:

"Camp" by itself means:

Camps are Transient. Camps usually have no limit on their Total . Camps of similar Kinds Stack, and also add to any other Effect of the same Kind.

The most common Camps are numeric and modify Stat. So, for example, a +1 Offense Camps would add to the Offense of an Unit, enhancing their Attack .

Camps have a Countdown X which is positive or negative. Every time the Camp applies its Property, the countdown is moved one closer to zero. If it reaches zero, then the Camp is destroyed. So a -3 Offense Camp becomes a -2 Offense Camp, then -1 Offense Camp, and then disappears. Note this Countdown occurs on application, not by Turn. A Camp that does nothing in a Turn doesn't count down.

Properties without an X Parameter must supply one explicitly. So, for example, an Obstacle (+2) Camp would prevent a Unit from Occupying a Spot twice, then destroy itself. Obstacle (+2) Camp 3 would mean to create three such Camps.