Cards can be obtained in a variety of ways.

  • Mission Name / Campaign - Every successful mission completed gains you a free novice (0 xp) version of the card. This is true for our content or player created content. These offer only Regular cards.
  • The Exchange - Many cards will be available for purchase in the premium shop. Most will be a stable base always available. Some will rotate and only be available on special occasions; those will be Promotional.
  • Tournament - The grand prize for a tournament will be a collectible card. Some tournaments will have cards you cannot gain any other way. Completing a campaign will give you access to a special cooperative multiplayer tournament that must be won multiple times to gain the card. Tournaments give Crafting Materials for Collectible cards.
  • Template:Raffle - Tickets grants the chance to win a Collectible card
  • Commendation - Achieving certain select commendations also grants cards or Crafting Materials. These can be any Collectibility.


Descriptive Card Attributes
Creator Attribute ArrowMiniBlueLeft Availability Attribute ArrowMiniBlueRight Collectibility Attribute