Attack N means to make an Attack on exactly N TARGET. Each Attack is made from a SOURCE Unit you Own (called the Attacker) onto one TARGET Foe Unit (called the Defender). TARGET Foes must be distinct.

The Effect Syntax is:

Attack N Unit Foe

"Attack" by itself means:

Attack 1 Unit Foe

An Attack requires a SOURCE Tap . Maneuvers can also perform Attacks, which often require Tapping other Units.

Your Attack is often modified by Sites and Equipment applying to the SOURCE or TARGET, as well as relevant Properties and Effects. The following describes the Attack Calculation in more detail.

Attack CalculationEdit

The Attack Calculation is done in three steps.

  1. Hit
  2. Damage
  3. New Life (only if Damage done)

Before the first step, TARGET Effects Trigger.


In the first step, the Hit is calculated. We find the Offense and Defense Stat:

Off = MIN(0, Offense of ME + Modifiers)
Def = MIN(0, Defense of TARGET + Modifiers)

Common modifiers are X Offense, X Defense, or Pierce .

Hit is then:

Hit = Off - Def.

Offense, Defense, and Hit Effects Trigger here.


In the second step, Damage (Dmg) is calculated:

Dmg = Hit + Modifiers

Common modifiers are X Damage .

Damage Effects Trigger, and then we move to the last phase.

If Dmg > 0, then we say that "damage was done", and proceed to the next step.

If Dmg <= 0, then "no damage was done", and we stop here.

New LifeEdit

In the third step, New Life (NL) is calculated:

NL = Old Life - Dmg + Modifiers

Common modifiers are X Life.

Life Effects Trigger here.

When the Life of any Unit is 0 or below, it is Removed to Chuted at the End of Turn.


Official Rules
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